Awaken to your true self and live the highest expression of who you are!

What I Do

My mission is to awaken you to your true power so you can break free from merely surviving and start living the most vibrant and empowered version of yourself.  Who doesn’t want to live a rich life that has meaning and purpose? A life that is filled with love, joy, freedom and passion?

You may not be aware of all the ways you are constantly giving your power away, negotiating who you are and subconsciously repeating patterns that do not serve you. All this drains your energy and compromises your energy field leading to dis-sease or illness in your body, relationship problems, physical pain, emotional pain, mental health issues, anxiety, fatigue and so many other ailments.  The work that I do focuses on the root cause of what you are experiencing, creating balance & harmony in your system and ultimately connecting you to your true self.

How I Work

I work with the raw energy underneath the events happening in your life and support you in freeing yourself from subconscious interference and transforming the habits, self-talk and behavioural patterns that do not serve the highest version of you.  I guide and share practices that help you to connect to your own inner wisdom and intuition and lead you to embrace your personal power.  The practices support you in knowing how to live, approach and engage with life with ease and confidence.  Together we explore how you can create your best life in an empowered and self-sufficient way. All sessions currently take place online and are approximately 60 minutes.  The structure of the sessions may vary based on your desired intentions. 


Here are some of the benefits my clients have experienced, you can find more details on the testimonials page.

  • Pain relief and feeling peace and calm in my body.
  • Strengthening my self-esteem and consciously feeling worthy.
  • Healing deep-seated, hidden emotional pain and trauma – feeling renewed.  
  • Feeling physically stronger and having more energy.
  • Learning to manage my energy and experience life differently.
  • Functioning better and having more clarity.
  • Experiencing more of my true self – feeling amazing and expansive.
  • Overcoming the burden of anxiety, grief and helplessness.
  • Taking an active role in creating the life I wish to live.
  • Increasing self-awareness and owning who I really am with confidence. 
  • Tapping into my creative genius and experiencing more success.
  • Opening to opportunities that I never imagined for myself.
  • Taking healthier control of my life and feeling empowered to move forward with courage.  
  • Experiencing more ease and flow in my life.
  • Knowing how to love and value myself more creating a sense of fulfilment.
  • Feeling inspired by perceiving life from a higher perspective and finding balance.


-Dr Sue Morter-

How Energy Healing Can Help You

The way you perceive, interpret and make meaning of your life significantly impacts your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Energy Healing is a natural medicine and works holistically.  It balances your energy bodies and enhances your connection to your authentic self, opening you to newer and more expansive opportunities and experiences.


Restore your health, find inner balance and feel energised, revitalised and uplifted.


Build nourishing relationships full of mutual trust, intimacy, love & respect.


Improve your finances and enjoy more freedom, abundance and independence.

Peace, Calm, Mountain


Successfully start or revitalise a career/ business so it feels rewarding & fulfiling & flourishes.

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